About Art & Life
"Is Beauty the Making One of Opposites?"
         by Eli Siegel

Essays by Eli Siegel
      on many subjects & including his visual art essays from Art As Real: Samples

Dorothy Koppelman, painter and founder of the Terrain Gallery
         on  Picasso's GUERNICA

The Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company 
Click here for details about their current production 



Anne Fielding, Actress, Consultant 
        Director of the Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company

Nancy Huntting, Aesthetic Realism Consultant on Art and Life
      How Can We Be Composed?: Bruegel's Hunters in the Snow
    and Art Opposes Injustice; or, Cezanne's Still Life with Onions

Len Bernstein-Photographic Education


Marcia Rackow: Artist, Aesthetic Realism Consultant, Lecturer


Marion Fennell, Singer and Aesthetic Realism Associate on 
     the questions of women and love. 


Museums and Galleries  
Terrain Gallery, New York City
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY
Dia: Beacon, Beacon, NY 
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Victoria and Albert Museum, London 
National Gallery, London
The Lourve Museum, Paris 
The Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City Mo
Saint Louis Museum of Art, Saint Louis, Mo
Springfield Museum of Art, Springfield, Mo
Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden,
                                                  Washington, DC

Education--The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method 
Rosemary Plumstead: science educator, Staff  Developer 
          and Instructor of the Aesthetic Realism and Education 

Leila Rosen: English Educator

Lois Mason, Social Studies, Instructor of the Aesthetic Realism
        and Education Workshop

Alan Shapiro, Jazz Pianist, Music Educator


The Opposition to Racism 
The Heart Knows Better. A Film by Ken Kimmelman 
The Emmy award-winning anti-prejudice public service announcement.

Were They Equal? An anti-prejudice book 
        for children 
A traditional story of the Ndowe People of Africa
was retold and illustrated by Arnold Perey.

About Justice and World Events
Latinos for National Health Insurance

Every Baby Deserves Health Care Based on
        Good Will, No Profit  
by Miriam Mondlin, Meryl Simon and Ruth Oron

Real Welfare Reform Impact 
by Miriam Mondlin

Housing: A Basic Human Right

United Nations AFF 99: 
What Does a Person Deserve
Film by Director Ken Kimmelman. 

Ruth Oron, Essayist
          The Answer to the Crisis in the Middle East 

Alice Bernstein, Journalist
        South Carolina Black News
          Oral History Project and Television Documentary of 
                Interviews with Unknown Heroes in Civil Right 

Devorah Tarrow and Jeffrey Carduner
         Aesthetic Realism consultants on the questions of men 
         and women and what can end youth violence.

Check out this health care animation! 

Aesthetic Realism Can End Racism Writing by Ellen Reiss and others : Includes links to not-to-be-missed articles and websites countering racism
Healthcare Now
Ellen Reiss, Class Chairman of Aesthetic Realism
Ellen Reiss writes on J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter, & the Romanticism movement in English literature.
Description by two New York City elementary school teachers of a class conducted by Ellen Reiss, discussing how a child deserves to be seen.
Ellen Reiss commenting on eight poems by Eli Siegel.
Ellen Reiss on poet Robert Burns.
Ellen Reiss describes the motive behind unjustly "criticizing" John Keats in 1818 and illuminates why Aesthetic Realism has been seen untruly in our time.

About Anthropology

Arnold Perey, Ph.D,  Anthopologist, Instructor of the 
        Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Workshop.  Author of 
       "A New Perspective for Anthropology"

Gwe: Young Man of New Guinea 
        A Novel Against Racism  by Dr. Arnold Perey

 And More........
Aesthetic Realism in the News
     Read articles on Aesthetic Realism published around the world.

The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known
        Bi weekly international periodical featuring writings by Eli 
        Siegel, commntaries by editor Ellen Reiss, and other writings. 

Eve Lustig, "Health Care is a Right" and  "Our Economy Should
             be Based on Good Will" 

Antique Prints and Vintage Art

Fine Art Seascape Oil Paintings
                               by Artist Teresa Bernard

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