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Love, Life & Art 

  “The Drama of Hardness and Softness in Women 

Discussion of Eugenie Grandet by Honore de Balzac.  
Power and Kindness: Do They Have to Fight? 

Discussion of “Norma Rae” and the “Winged Victory of Samothrace”. 

As a proud member of the United Federation of Teachers Union, I know how important unions are in getting people what they deserve.  This is what Norma Rae was fighting for.  To learn more about how Aesthetic Realism explains the meaning of unions, I invite you to read: 

  “The Fight in Women Between Security & Adventure—Is There a Beautiful Solution? 

Discussion of the life and work of Louise Nevelson 
"What a Woman Feels and What She Shows—Can they be The Same?" 

Discussion of the life of Martha VanOrsdol Farnsworth and her book Plains Woman: The Diary of Martha Farnsworth 1882-1922.

Speaking  Engagements 



These are reports of tape recorded lectures by Eli Siegel which I’ve had the privilege to hear and study in professional classes for Aesthetic Realism consultants and associates taught by Chairman of Education Ellen Reiss.

Feeling Is Knowledge; or De Quincey 

Lecture of  February 14, 1969—A consideration of works by Thomas De Quincey, including Logic of Political Economy, "Levana and Our Ladies of Sorrow," and "Literature of Knowledge and Literature of Power"
From Greek Literature 

Lecture of January 16, 1976—A consideration of Greek Poets in English Verse by Various Translators by William Hyde Appleton; Homer’s Iliad; and The Oresteia by Aeschylus.
Years Ago in Art and Life 

Lecture of October 15, 1976—A consideration of The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, Essays, Reviews, Etc.
There Is More American Poetry

Lecture of November 11, 1973—A consideration of Modern American Poetry, edited by Louis Untermeyer.

My Portfolio 

As an artist and teacher of art I am grateful to learn what beauty is.  Eli Siegel is the critic who explained: “All beauty is the making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves.
"Curve I”  Alabaster   View 1    View 2     View 3
"View From the Balcony”   Relief Print 
Kansas Sky”   Black & White Photograph 
River at Dusk”    Black & White Photograph 
Afternoon Frolic”   Black & White Photograph 
Rise at Dawn”   Black & White Photograph 
CathedralColor Photograph
There is Softness and Hardness”   Black & White Photograph 


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